Myer is committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment, and integrating environmental management and accountability throughout our business.

We focus our efforts on our most significant environmental impacts of energy use and associated carbon emissions, packaging and waste management, and recycling of packaging materials.

Energy and emissions

With a network of 67 stores, four distribution centres and our Melbourne support office, energy use is our key environmental impact, and a significant cost to our business. This year, we developed an Energy Management Strategy, with a target of 10 percent reduction in energy intensity (energy use by area and opening hour) by 2018. Site assessment audits were undertaken to identify energy efficiency opportunities, including building management system upgrades, heating and cooling system upgrades, lighting upgrades, education and improved reporting. In July 2013 we implemented the first of these projects.

Myer’s Energy Management Strategy and reporting facilitates our action and reporting against our Energy Efficiencies Opportunities (EEO) requirements and our National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) obligations.

Measures FY2013 Performance

Energy use*
Energy intensity
Emissions intensity

737,964 GJ
190.19 kJ/m2/opening hour
182,320 TCO2e
0.05 kgCO2e/m2/opening hour

  • * Energy emission data were measured 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013.

Packaging stewardship

Myer is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, and we are focused on reducing transport and consumer packaging and using recyclable packaging materials.

Floor Ready’ is Myer’s key program to achieve in-store product handling efficiencies and drive packaging design and minimisation. A six-criteria checking process is established to report on the compliance levels of arriving merchandise:

  • garment swing and security tags;
  • price marking;
  • hanger requirements;
  • minimal and uniform product packaging;
  • product folding and packing; and
  • reduction of individual product plastic bags.

Overall, ‘Floor Ready’ compliance for the year was an average of 55 percent, with a significant improvement over the year, to 73 percent in July 2013. More than 77 percent of Myer’s active suppliers are signed on to the program, and we continue to engage more suppliers and work to improve compliance.

Waste and recycling

Myer has established recycling systems for security tags, clothes hangers, paper, cardboard and film plastics at all our sites. Our head office also recycles organics, paper towel and commingled containers; and our distribution centres recycle pallets, pallet sheets and metals.

Excess stock, damaged stock, samples and returns are recycled and reused through a third party, who on-sold more than 424.1 tonnes of stock and recycled a further 42.1 tonnes this year.

Material Tonnes


Cardboard and paper
Plastic film (LDPE)
Printer cartridges
Damaged stock
Hangers reuse (24.4 million hangers)
Security tags (3,885,692 tags)
Bottles and cans



Total recycling 5,005.50


General waste* 4,166.40
Diversion rate 55%
  • * Based on waste density of 50kg/m3 at sites where volume only is recorded.